Welcome to Private Luxury Villas

We'll make you B. at home in Sri Lanka

Culinairy Experience


Our Chef Nilame is a true culinary poet. His creations of typical Sri Lankan food and continental standards are breath-taking and mouth-watering at a time. We are delighted to serve you to your personal preferences - from breakfast only over half-board to the full-force feast. Also our fully equiped kitchen is to your disposal whenever you feel like juggling the pots yourself.

Our Services


Free Wi-Fi

Work or Leisure - Enjoy free complimentary wifi on site

Air-conditioned Rooms

All rooms are fully air-conditioned

Family Friendly

Bring your friends, kids or pets - our villa is open to everyone

Treatment Room

Ayurveda massages and physical treatments available on request

Laundry & Dryer

Travel light and take advantage of our modern laundry room

Security Cameras

Be safe at all time with our on-site’s security camera system and daily night guard.

All-day Service

Our friendly staff is at your disposal at any time

Free Parking

Bring your own car or be chauffeured by our staff in the villa’s van

Private Pool

Enjoy the chilled comfort of a 4,3 feet deep 900 sq. ft. pool